Monday, 18 May 2009

New Knitty Project!

I suppose I should be getting out more!
(From: The Organic Cotton Kids Collection - Rowan)

I bought this whole book because I liked the chicken!


Dolores said...

LOL, I just bought a quilt book (a bit pricey for me) because of one of the patterns in it. I saw it done up by another blogger and thought it was so cute. I really don't like much else in the book.

BeadBag said...

Dolores that is funny ! - I think so many of us have done this. I seem to get seduced by one particular pattern - and have to buy the book! Maybe we could get together to do a big book sale or swap?!

Cathy said...

That chicken is just toooo cute Shirley. I am not surprised you bought the book for that. Rowan do some great books but they are expensive, even on Ebay. I like the craft articles they have in the main knitting books. I even have some myself and I am not a

Also love those beads. I will pop over to the site and have a gander.