Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi Kasama has a current exhibition at The Tate Modern (London)
(The pictures I have posted are not actually in the exhibition at The Tate Mod.
but are just some examples of this artist's work) 
This exhibition is definitely worth visiting - her work is very unusual.  
The last two rooms were spectacular.  

The final room is small, black, has mirrored walls and has a pathway leading through to the exit and is full of tiny dots of coloured lights which are reflected in the mirrors and also change colours.  You can feel disorientated as it appears to have a glass floor and is really strange walking through it - but is definitely spectacular!  (Unfortunately the photo below doesn't do it justice.) ... it is amazing.


SparkleyC said...

Oh wow, those are great. How long is the exhibition on for? Cx

BeadBag said...

Hi SparkleyC! The pics I've posted are not actually in her exhibition, but there are lots of interesting rooms to go through. However, the last two rooms - particularly the last room, before the exit, is spectacular!