Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Granny Square Lap Blanket - easy peasy

In the evening, I love watching telly to relax, but love to do something at the same time.  Making a huge crochet Granny Square just fits the bill at the moment.  I had some oddments of yarn, but as it grew I had to buy some more! ....  Naturally, I found the extra yarn I needed while having a clear-out :(  ............  Anyway here is my basic Granny Square Pattern:

Basic Granny Square: -
I haven't changed colours in the instructions - you can do this however you choose.

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
tr = treble

Make 4 ch. and join, with a slip st., into a circle.
Ch. 3 (which counts as the first Treble), 2 more trebles then 2 ch.
3 trebles in the ring and 2 ch., 3 times more (see pic below) - join into 3rd chain of beginning 3 chains.
(check centre of square pic. below)

Slip stitch to the nearest 2 ch. space and in each space make
3 trebles, 2 ch and 3 trebles : 1 ch. 

On following rounds:
Slip stitch to each corner space and make 3 trs.,2ch.,3 trs.
The spaces between the corners are made up of  3 trebles and 1 chain.

By repeating the above, the Square will grow as big as you make it - change colours as you fancy.
I also found the shape became distorted, but I think when the whole thing is finished you can pull it into shape.

For the final edging you could make a row of double crochet. 
If you turn your work and make this final row from the back (going in the opposite direction from before) - it makes a pretty edging.

This probably sounds more complicated than it is! - but is very relaxing ----- and useful!

PS: If I've made any errors - please let me know.


Judy S. said...

My friend makes a smaller version of this for preemies at a local hospital. It's a great pattern!

Shirl R said...

Judy I love this - it's so easy and I can watch tv at the same time!