Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ribbed Fingerless Mitts - free knitting pattern

Ribbed Mitts – small/medium hand size.
4ply sock yarn
4 dp needles (plus 1 extra for thumb stitches**) - size. 10’s (2.75 or 3mm)

Beginning:  Cast on 53 stitches – join up - using last stitch and first stitch K2tog and pull yarn to tighten. (52 sts.)
K2tbl, P2 rib for 4”

Increase for thumb gusset - every alternate round
Continuing in twisted rib, keeping the thumb gusset in Stocking Stitch - (knitting each round)
Using the first two knit stitches of your rib, pick up* 1 st before and 1 st after ..... (one stitch increase on each side of the 2 knit stitches.  
*When picking up the new stitches, pick up loop from previous row, place back on LH needle and knit into the back of stitch.  **I place these stitches on a separate needle, so it’s easy to know where the thumb increases are going to be.

Continue as above, knitting in twisted rib for main part of glove, and stocking stitch for the thumb, with increases on alternate rounds, until you have 18 stitches on the Thumb Needle.  Place these stitches on a longish piece of spare yarn and pull together – I tie a bow so that it’s easy to undo when trying the glove on.
Continue in the twisted rib for the top half of the mitt and knit to desired length – approx.  another 4” (total length 8”).  Cast off in rib.

THUMB RIB: Place the stitches on spare thread on your needles,  adding stitches across the ‘gap’ (approx.4).
You should have 22 sts.
When joining up the thumb stitches, knit 2 tog. on 2 rounds, so as to tighten the gap.
Knit approx. 9 or 10 rows in twisted rib (to thumb height wanted).  Cast off in rib.
Sew in loose ends.

These mitts are very comfortable, and easy to make.

PS: hope there are no awful errors - please let me know if you find any :) Ta.

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