Friday, 27 November 2015

Fingerless Mittens - double knitting yarn - Free Pattern

This ribbing makes a very comfortable fit.
4.50 mm dpn needles (4 or 5)
Double Knitting Yarn
Gauge: approx. 6sts = 1" ....  slightly stretched ribbing.

I Cast On 41 stitches, onto one needle, (using the Thumb Method).
The first row divides the stitches on to your 3 needles, and I knit the last stitch and first stitch together to join - pulling gently but tightly for a couple of stitches.

Continue round in K2 tbl., P2 rib for 3.1/2" ( inches. )

K4 at beginning of row next row, and keep these stitches on a separate needle, so it's easy to see where the thumb stitches are.
Continue in rib as before for the main body of the mitt, but picking up a stitch* either side of the thumb on alternate rows, and Knit the thumb rows.   
Change colours when you fancy :)
*Pick up the loop before the 1st stitch on thumb needle, and pick up loop after the last stitch on thumb needle - increasing by 2sts on alternate rows.

Continue knitting Rib for main body and 'Plain' ( for Thumb, until you have 16 stitches for thumb. 
Thread these on to a longish spare piece of yarn - tie loosely, so you can undo the yarn when you try the mitt on.
Continue in rib until mitt reaches approx. 6.1/2" from the beginning -
Cast off in rib.
Go back to Thumb, picking up the stitches and rib for approx. 5 rows - cast off in rib.

You may need to knit the 1st and last stitches together to make a tighter join, or possibly add some stitches on if the thumb is too small.  
I tend to sew up the thumb seam with the glove on my hand, so it fits better and stitching cant really be seen.

If the cast on row has not joined neatly together, use the yarn tail to stitch and neaten off.

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