Monday, 8 June 2020

Knitted basket 'n balls

Cast on 20 stitch and garter stitch for about
10 or 11 'ridges' (1 ridge = 2 rows) in your choice of each colour.
You should have 10 sections.
- 3 for the width and 2 for the depth.
Knit 2 lengths, and stitch together, leaving one side open.  (I kept the width side open.) Stuff lightly with washable wadding/stuffing. Stitch up remaining seam.
Sew (small tacking or backstitch) between each colour = quilted effect

Make a base piece (2 pieces again),stitch pieces together.  Place inside and stitch to 'outside piece'.
I winged this a bit and sort of corrected the design and stitching as I went.
I made a couple of handles.
See top pic.


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