Monday, 14 April 2008

Simple Stuffed Mushrooms

My recipe is enough for
3 or 4 Large Mushrooms
- - remove the stalks.
If these are good you can use them chopped into the stuffing - but not essential.

You can vary the quantities of the Topping to your own spec. but I've used approximately:-

Finely chopped corriander
- a good handful
Fresh Breadcrumbs -
cupfull - or more
1/2 sweet onion
- chopped finely
crushed garlic
- to taste
seasoning &
a good large pinch of dried Thyme
Olive Oil

Place mushrooms in an ovenproof dish. Mix all stuffing ingredients together - pile some on top of each mushroom - dont worry if the surplus is in the bottom of the dish.
Add a small amount of water to bottom of dish so that the mushrooms will steam a little and also soak up into the excess topping mixture.

A heavy drizzle of Olive Oil on top of the Mushrooms.

I haven't added Cheese to the topping - as I dont like it - but please feel free!

Bake at about 190 C until mushrooms are tender and onion is just cooked through. If not ready - put a lid on top and cook a little longer. Approx. 45 mins.

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