Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Foyles War

I just love this series - it's very sympathetically written, by Anthony Horowitz, and beautifully acted. Michael Kitchen plays the lead, as a Det. Chief Inspector, Honeysuckle Weeks as his driver and Anthony Howell as detective sergeant. They gel together wonderfully well and if one of the characters was missing, the stories would would certainly miss them. It takes place in Hastings, during the 40's (WW2) ........... costumes and scenes are perfect. I can just sit back contentedly, knit and watch!
(Saturday ITV1 : 8.55)

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Cecelia said...

I enjoyed that program, too.
We get it through Houston, Texas PBS, occasionally, on Materpiece Theatre or Mystery.
My favorite is "Last of the Summer Wine" and "As Time Goes By", which we don't get anymore. We also get "Are You Being Served", "My Hero", and "Keeping Up Appearances". BBC America used to carry them, but no longer. I loved "Monarch of the Glen" and was sorry that they stopped that one. BBC America doesn't have anything good on anymore so I never watch them.
Some of my ancestors came to the U.S. from Yorkshire, and some from Scotland, so I guess that is one reason that I especially enjoy the programs, with scenery. Of course, that was back in the 1600s!
Your blog is interesting. I'm an artist/writer, but I never had the patience for sewing or knitting/crocheting, etc. Creative stitchery was about it, for me. But I love fabrics, threads, buttons, etc. I grew up around our family dry goods store, so I learned a lot and developed a feeling for material, garments, etc.