Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Claudia Bentley

These beautiful pieces are by Claudia Bentley -
Claudia shows her work at The Great Western Studios - (London)
as well other pieces on her own website.
Gt.Western Studios are having an Open Day on 6-7th December from 12-6 pm.


Ragged Roses said...

They really are beautiful, wonderful colours

Cookie Sunshine said...

You always find the most wonderful things! These colors are so rich. I want touch them.

Zbi said...

I'm back on your page to learn some colors from you. I must admit that I'm rather black & white but not like man in black of Johnny Cash. I've been always amazed by all shades of black and white and how much I could see through them. Back to your colors, I think I learn something or it's rather them, who teach me in a way. I've never had a memory for colors but I will remember the impression that I got looking at yours.

BeadBag said...

Thank you Zbi - I also love black and white, but cant resist putting a little bit of colour in even in my black and white sketches! Thank you for your lovely comments. (I have a teeny black line doodle in my blog sidebar - - with an added bit of pink!)