Monday, 9 March 2009


Cass Art shops sell these lovely little Fabriano books. Each book contains different Fabriano papers, but the books were so nicely put together, and I loved the coloured covers, that I took a photo of them and just had a little Photoshop play.

Another wonderful specialist paper shop in Holborn, London, is called Falkiner's - ( I think they may have changed their name to 'Shepherds') - and if you like papers and artshops - this one is well worth a trip. It's quite small, but they have some wonderful papers and 'paper' products.


Cathy said...

This sounds lovely Shirley. Shops like this are a great find. Those Fabriano books look delicious.

BeadBag said...

I know! How gorgeous are the colours - in fact they're too nice to use!

Kate said...

I want to live in cass you think they'll accept an artist in residence? :)

ps. I bought that very sketchbook...couldn't resist!

BeadBag said...

Kate - I just keep looking at them - haven't used them yet!