Thursday, 2 July 2009

Libertys of London - textiles

Liberty's of London - wonderful store and beautiful fabrics.
(Useful link for textiles inc. William Morris)


Dolores said...

How very pretty. My youngest daughter is moving to the UK in Sept. for a year (she says) and so maybe I could get her to send me some fabric (I can at least dream - she has seen my stash.)

BeadBag said...

Hi Dolores - Libertys have a fantastic range of fabrics, and is a gorgeous (slightly old-fashioned- looking) store, to wander around. They are a mite expensive! but they have beautiful things. It's probably my favourite store.

Cathy said...

Love these Liberty prints Shirley. I agree about the store. A favourite place. I love the old worlde wooden interior. They used to have a great book department too but that disappeared a few years ago. Lovely sweet pea and evening primrose photos. I like the manipulations.