Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Eadgyth and Otto

This wonderful image is of Eadgyth and her husband the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I. Her remains are believed to be the oldest of the English royal family to have recently been discovered in Germany. She was an Anglo-Saxon princess, King Alfred's granddaughter and was given to Otto in marriage. She was also the sister of king Athelstan who became the first official King of all England in AD937. She died aged 36.

I just loved this image - and if you want some more details try this link.

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Cathy said...

This is a great image Shirley. Otto looks like he is holding up a box of Ferrero I really enjoyed reading the link about the bones. Fascinating stuff. I hope they turn out to be her bones. I used to live in Winchester many moons ago and Winchester Cathedral was one of my favourite places just to wander and think. I often used to look up to where the bones of the old Kings of England resided in their caskets in the chancel.