Friday, 25 June 2010

What makes you think I like Green?!

These were all knitted while watching some boring tv (!) - theraputic knitting! I used some chunky plain green yarn (from stash) and some lovely Regia sock yarn that I couldn't wait to use.I had intended to make a baby cardi with it - (watch this space :) )

- rough free pattern instructions .........

Green Bag -
this could be knitted in the round,
but I made it as a flat piece and stitched up the seams.

Cast on approx. 96 stitches.
Knitting in Moss Stitch (1 plain, 1 purl - then reverse the next row) for approx. 5 rows.
Then rib (2 plain and 2 purl) for 3 rows.
Make eyelets evenly around next row (yarn forward and K2tog.)
Next row - continue in pattern - Continue in rib for another 7 rows.
Knit straight in Stocking Stitch for approx. 12 ins.Then repeat the ribbing and moss stitch.
Fold in half and stitch up the seams.
Make an i-cord long enough to thread through eyelets and tie into a bow.

Spectacles Case
Yarn: Regia 4-fadig Square Color (50g) (Col: 01132 : Partie: 47799)
Firstly, I made a flat i-cord using 8 stitches, measuring approx. 5.1/2 ins. in length.
I then cast on approx. 46 stitch onto the edge of the i-cord.
Knit in 2 plain, 2 purl rib for approx 12 rows, then continue in stocking stitch for about 5".
Stitch up seams, (making the seam centre back), and make a very small i-cord as a loop and find an appropriate matching button to yarn. (sheer luck! I had one just the right colour!!)
I also lined the inside of the specs case with a fine cotton, otherwise your specs will keep poking through the knitting!

PS: Please accept apology in advance if there's the odd inaccuracy - it's always difficult to remember exactly what you've done when you wing it! Please let me know if you have any probs.

(PPS: The beadwork was made a while ago.)
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