Saturday, 18 December 2010

Knitting "Log Cabin"

I knitted this as a bit of occupational therapy while watching tv. I originally made it thinking I would wad and line it with a pretty fabric, and use it as a lap quilt. However, it turned out a bit small, but fits perfectly over a beanbag cushion I'd made.

I knitted 4 mitred squares, then using the patchwork 'log cabin' technique, knitted in rounds until I reached the size I wanted, then joined them together with knitted borders and a bit of sewing where needed, - - (and crocheted a flower in the centre.)

I used the super Spud & Chloe yarn which, even though a bit expensive, is just a pleasure to knit with. I'm still not sure whether I'll knit a 'backside' or use some matching fabric ........ dont hold your breath though, as busy time of year is on its way!

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Cathy said...

Hi Shirley. That is a lovely cushion. I really like the colours. I have never heard of Spud and Chloe yarn but then I don't knit. We are still deep in snow here and you probably are too. It has been thawing a little today though. Some forecasts say more to come and others don't so we did a big shop today just in case. Now we can sit back and not worry about what the weather is doing.

I hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and a really happy and successful New Year.