Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili had an exhibition at Tate Britain in January - May 2010. I visited this at the time, and still love the exuberance of his colours and subjects. He has used animal dung in his work, or rested some of his paintings on lumps of the dung. (The dung has been 'treated' so it doesn't smell - and stays in one lump!) - but I cant say (for me) that it adds any quality to his work.

In my opinion, there are many artists who need to do something contraversial to either get a kick-start to their careers, or just like being contraversial for the sake of it. I think the work always comes through in the end - with or without the controversy!

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Cathy said...

Hi Shirley. I must say Chris Ofili's work is not among my favourites and the dung thingy did put me off a little. I do like his exuberance though.

Great sox in the post below. I bet you enjoy wearing those.