Monday, 12 November 2012

FREE Knitting/Crochet Pattern - Cushions - very easy

close-up of back seams

These were really easy to make (while watching telly) - using up some odd balls of double knitting yarn and some old cushions.

Needles and Hook - according to yarn used.

The central squares on the fronts are knitted, then the rest of the cushion is crocheted around the square, using single crochets - - with 3 single crochets in each corner on each round.  

At the beginning of each round, slip st. into the centre of the first 3 single crochets to make the next three.

I made each cover large enough to fit my cushion pads, when folded into 1/4s (diagonally) - see above shape in pic.
The seam edges are on the outside and are just sewn together with a straight stitch, using matching yarn colour.
Stitch 3 seams, push the cushion inside then sew up the 4th seam. 

Centre Squares:
Cast on 3 stitches.
K. one row.
Knit all rows -  increasing in the last stitch on each row until you have half-triangle shape to the size you want.
Begin your decreases - again at the end of each row - K2tog. until  you have completed your square and have 3 stitches left.  Cast off 2 sts. and thread yarn through last loop, pull gently.  
You should then have a diagonally knitted square.

That's it really.

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