Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Knitting - neat 'rolled edge' Scarf

This edging isn't exactly a rolled edge, but gives the appearance of one ............

Right Side row: 
Sl1 kw, K1tbl, P1 - continue in your chosen pattern until 3 sts before end of row - P1, K1tbl, K1 tbl

Wrong Side row:
P1, P1, K1tbl - knit chosen pattern to 3 sts before end of this row - K1, P1, K1tbl

S = slip
KW = knitwise
K = knit
P = purl 
tbl = through back of loop

Note for Scarf Pattern:
For the above scarf, I used double knitting yarn, and cast on 30 sts. and used alternate bands of garter and moss stitch (plus the single ribbing at the beginning).