Wednesday, 17 February 2016

FREE PATTERN - knitted small bag and fingerless gloves

This little bag is knitted from 2 diagonal-knit squares (changing colour halfway)

Using Sock Yarn and approx. 3.25 needles
You can, of course, use Double Knitting yarn, with larger sized needles - to make a larger bag. 

Diagonal-Knit Square:
Cast on 3 stitches.
K. one row.
Knit all rows -  increasing in the last stitch on each row until you have half-triangle shape to the size you want.
Begin your decreases - again at the end of each row - K2tog. until  you have completed your square and have 3 stitches left.  
Cast off 2 sts. and thread yarn through last loop, pull gently.  
You should then have a diagonally knitted square.

On each Square, I then picked up all stitches on one edge, Stocking Stitch a few rows, so that the piece curls over.  I stitched this to the 1st row thus making a tube for the (knitted) cord to pass through.

Link for Mitts

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