Friday, 1 July 2016


I bought some lovely vintage fabric pieces recently, and having a bit of spare time, (yay!), - decided to do some stitching - which I haven't done for ages.  (This bag probably shows that!) However, I really enjoyed doing it.  Whilst rummaging, I also came across some beautiful buttons, which I just dont remember buying - maybe someone gave them to me* - anyway, I used those too.  

I've been fusing glass recently, (in a microwave kiln), and you have to wait while the glass cools down - so as I've been sorting through my fabrics, I did a bit of sewing, while waiting.

*have since found out where they kindly came from :o)


Judy S. said...

Fun! Love those buttons, too.

Shirl R said...

Judy the nice thing was I didn't know I had them, but have now found out who gave them to me. Nice.