Thursday, 24 January 2008

Very Easy Butternut Squash Soup

1. Cut squash in half (no need to peel).
2. Remove seeds with a spoon and the extra hairy bits(!)
3. Place in roasting tin, seed side up, with a small amount of water at the bottom, and
several cloves of unpeeled garlic. Make sure these are in the liquid, so they dont dry out.
4. Put a knob of butter in each 'hole', season with S&P, and drizzle well with maple syrup.
5. Roast in a fairly hot oven then after approx. 20 mins. turn squash over, making sure the garlic cloves are inside the squash (so they dont dry out).
6. Roast until the skin becomes slightly brown - baste from time to time.
Roast until they are soft - test with a sharp knife or skewer.

Remove from oven and cool slightly, then remove the skin, and also remove the skin from the cloves of garlic.

Put squash and cloves in liquidiser with some good stock - not too much stock at this stage. You will probably have to do this in several lots. (Pour each jugful into your saucepan as you go.)

Liquidise, adding milk or more stock to get a nice creamy consistency and adjust seasoning.

Add little cream, yogurt or sour cream to serve.
Also very yummy! and makes a lovely light snack with some good bread.

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