Saturday, 15 August 2009

Omega Workshops

- some of the artists from the Omega Workshops (late 1800s onwards) and the Bloomsbury Group - These designs are so modern - they could easily be used today.

Rug Design - Rogery Fry

Vanessa Bell

Duncan Grant

Winifred Gill

Cressida Bell - Vanessa Bell's granddaughter runs a design company - textiles/design/interiors and has obviously been influenced by the Omega Workshops.

Rug design

Rodolphe Theophile Bosshard (contemporary to the period - artist 1889-1960) - probably not related, although from the same period - - but love this painting).

current Courtauld Exhibition of the
Omega Workshops/Bloomsbury Group
at Somerset House, London.

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Cathy said...

Lovely images Shirley. I think the Bloomsbury era has influenced so many modern designers. I love the Roger Fry rug design and the linocut flowers by Winifred Gill. I really like the colours she has chosen and the graphic quality of the design. Cressida Bell is a favourite of mine. I love everything she does.