Saturday, 4 February 2012

Elizabethan Jewellery/Accessories


Catherine Todd said...

Wow! You really are after my own heart... we finally got back our first "gringa huipils" that are hand-woven and heavily embroidered (machine or hand) and we are going to start beading them.

The gorgeous Mayan designs are very similar to these beautiful Elizabethan costumes you've posted, that I will have to study this era in more detail. After my own heart.

I have been in love with Spanish Colonial and Medieval France all my life (even if I didn't love what they did to the indigenous and poor populations), and am only now finding out about the Islamic influence in all of it.

More later, I hope?

CatherineTodd2 at gmail

BeadBag said...

Hi Catherine - we do seem to love similar things. I imagine you may be a horder too? I love Tudor/Elizabethan costume and jewellery - it was a fantastically interesting period in history and also for creativitity - (as long as you had money that is!)