Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Free Knitting Pattern - Fingerless Mitts

 I'm into knitting Mitts at the mo - they're really similar to knitting socks - (almost!)
small bag pattern given here

Basic Pattern - - using sock yarn (fine)
Needle size: 3.25 mm (double pointed set + 1)
Size: small to medium sized hand 

Using the thumb method - cast on 56+1**sts. on 1 needle.

For the first row: knitting the correct amount of stitches on to each separate needle.  Join up into your 'round' using the extra stitch: (k2tog.) thus joining up the 'round'. (Using last stitch and first stitch.)

I find this a lot less faffing about, than trying to sort out twisted needles and which is the right side.  (The Purists wont like it - but hey .............. ! :) )

Stitches on needles as follows:
28 sts (1st needle)14sts. : 14sts.  

RIB/CUFF: (knit stitches through back of loop for cuff and thumb rib only).
K1 (tbl), P1, rib for 3.5 inches, then
K 10 rounds** (knitting through back of the loops) - *or to your own length.  

**You can also continue to knit in Rib - I find the gloves fit very nicely when all Rib'd.

Once your Rib and (10)* rows have been knitted, commence the 

Thumb Gusset increases:

1. K 27, make 1 (pick up loop - between stitches - from previous round, place on left needle and K thru back of the loop, replace on right needle),  k1, make 1, K to end of row.

I tend to keep my thumb gusset stitches on a separate needle, which is a little fiddly, but saves using stitch markers - which I find a bit annoying.  I think this also makes the increasing easier to see.

2. K 1 row.

3. Repeat these 2 rows, making 1 extra stitch (at beginning and end = 2 sts) on each alternate row until you have 17 stitches as your thumb gusset - thread these onto a spare bit of waste yarn - knot yarn so the stitches dont fall off !

4. Continue knitting in the round, carefully joining up again - (pull working yarn taught when joining up on thumb edge).  
Knit until the glove approx. reaches the base of your fingers.
Rib however many rows you fancy, and cast off in rib.

Rejoin yarn to stitches on waste yarn, picking up  4 stitches in the 'thumb valley'.  
Again, pull thread slightly taught so as not to get too large a hole :).  (If you do get a hole, you can carefully stitch this up afterwards!) 
Knit a few rows then Rib for a few rows (of choice) and cast off in rib.
Sew all ends in neatly.

2nd Mitt - repeat as above.

The instructions always look more complicated than they are, but once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty straightforward.  If you're used to knitting socks ..... this will be a doddle.
(I dont think I've made any errors in the pattern instructions, but if you find anything - please let me know.)

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