Monday, 15 February 2016

Fused Glass making in a Microwave

I've recently bought a Fuseworks Microwave Kiln - and am having great fun with it.
(do take care to read all the Instructions that come with it.)
You get all the beginner's essentials to practice with - (as shown on the box.)  You do have to buy Goggles separately - which are essential when cutting glass, and as you get more practiced, you will want different tools.

At first, it's a little nerve-racking - but you get used to the timings, and you wont have to sit in front of the microwave - watching for the full length of time!  I still make sure that I unplug the micro each time I've finished though ....... just in case :)
The thicker the pieces of glass, obviously the longer the timing for firing will be.

NEVER take the microwave kiln out without wearing the special heat-resistant gloves, or touch the glass until it has cooled down for minimum of 30 mins.

There are lots of very good videos on You-Tube for Fusing Glass in a Microwave Kiln.

here are a few of the small pendants/pieces I have made - experiments, but quite pleased with them


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